Conference Host

Piers is a conference host and moderator for events, sales conferences, press events, product launches and awards ceremonies around the world. He has been a moderator and conference host for Rolls Royce, Axa, The Financial Times, The Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, Virgin Electricity, BMW, AET, Michelin,, BSAVA and WSAVA – The World Veterinary Community, The Jelf Group, Deloitte and many many others.

“I’d like to thank you for being the best moderator I could have found. I will never forget your incredible talent…On top I was very impressed with your high engagement towards the project and our company right from the start.”
“It was honestly amazing to see how well you managed promoting this to all those people. Once again thanks from me and all at ARI… with your inputs and involvement the presentation, pace and production will be world class.”

Piers specialises in keeping the day on track, on time and upbeat. With many hours of live broadcasts he has yet to find a subject that he can’t get up to speed on in minutes.

In the course of his facilitation and conference work, Piers has been trusted with internal and highly confidential, market sensitive information (including launches, product development, internal HR issues). This has either been via formal agreements or simply the trust that comes from working with someone who has been involved in this business for 15 years.


Piers also uses his experience as an on stage presenter and TV interviewer to offer bespoke courses for professionals. He specialises in TED talkers, politicians, CEOs and visionaries.


Conference Showreel

This is just over one minute from the hundreds of hours Piers has spent hosting conferences and running Q and A sessions…

If you would like Piers to anchor your event or would like to find out more, please get in contact!