Kettle Chips Advert for Nisa: A Homage to Leslie Phillips

Well, hellooooooooooo! Here is a little homage to Leslie Phillips in the form of a crisp advert for Nisa Stores. A delight to do a character voice again!

Did ‘A Homage’ throw you? There is much debate on whether this should be ‘an’ or ‘a’ – the more curious of you can read many thoughts here.

Zombie Diet: 10 Real-Life Examples of Humans Eating Humans

Fantastic to see there is still some buzz around the documentary ‘Eating with Cannibals,’ which I presented/hosted/narrated for National Geographic.

This time it’s made the list for ‘Zombie Diets: 10 Real-Life Examples of Humans Eating Humans.’

Fancy some further cannibalism related reading? Here’s an interview with Andrea Mustain from LiveScience about my time with the Biami people of Papua New Guinea.


Voice of God

Usually when I am the Voice of God at an awards ceremony it is in some posh venue and all very formal…But the annual Qube Learning Awards, hosted this year by Colin Jackson, is much more fun! It’s a really great organisation helping get young and often disadvantaged people into training, apprenticeships and then into real careers. It’s close to my heart – and will be even more needed in the coming years. Thanks to Mustard Presentations for your fab organisation, Qube and Proud Embankment Night Club, where the event was hosted.

FUTR European Summit – Panel Moderation

Here’s a little video put together by Jessica, who was laughing as she edited these highlights from the FUTR European Summit on friction free customer journeys. It’s all about how I love working LIVE in front of an audience who are asking real questions, with a panel of experts who really know the answers (and that includes how to have a real relationship with your clients, like Taylor Swift).

Proper Pink Gin

It’s always great to record a voiceover in my 1950’s BBC Newsreader voice…it is a regular request ever since I recreated the voice of Stanley Baldwin for BBC TV. That Boutique-y Gin Company is an organisation I can fully get behind, especially as I spend time each year making and gifting my own Sloe Gin.

Cheers From Piers!

That Was…Read By

‘That Was…Read By’ is a new series of poems recorded in Piers Hackney Wick studio, read by Piers Gibbon and curated by Jessica Boatright of Growing Poetry.

The first poems are from our ‘View from the Studio’ Collection – a gaggle of poems chosen to reflect the wilds of Hackney Wick, as seen from the window outside the recording booth.

Listen to all the poems in the series by  clicking HERE.

Desiree Akhavan in my studio

Great to have Iranian-American filmmaker Desiree Akhavan in my recording studio last week so that she could be interviewed on Studio 360 over in New York by VICE journalist Hannah Harris Green.

Desiree conceived and starred in Channel 4‘s comedy -drama series ‘The Bisexual’ and she is doing an interview for a show that coincides with Valentine’s Day (today!) – I’ll post a link when I have it.

Hannah Harris Green has written some amazing pieces on sexuality and contraception – read more via the links below:……

Also, here’s more info about my studio – it’s available to hire (with optional air b&b accommodation too) and it’s always great to help people tell their stories:

Filming with A. Lange & Söhne

Look at that serious face! I just did some serious filming with A. Lange & Söhne at The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. I love their beautiful watches – hand made in Saxony. It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with a great European team, for a product that speaks for itself.

Natural World: Birds of Paradise

Lovely to see the Natural World ‘Birds of Paradise’ documentary that I did some voiceover work on is on BBC​ iplayer again! I recorded my parts in 2010 and the incredible David Attenborough​ narrated the rest of the documentary. The series was edited by Tim Martin for the BBC Natural History Unit​ and produced by Mary Keevil at Tigress Productions.

If you are in the UK you can watch the full documentary here for another couple of weeks or if you just want to see my part, it’s below! 

Thank you Paul Bridge​ from for the heads up!