VE DAY on BBC website

Victory in Europe Day..8th May 1945. Commemorations coming up soon on the BBC website. It’s my voice on the video pieces on the site…and also I am the voice telling you to press the all those interactive buttons. And nagging you to get your own memories of VE Day up there for all to see..

Voiceover for Tirpitz doco on Channel 5

Rumour has it that the Sink the Tirpitz documentary will be on Channel 5 on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2005

well I am recording some changes to the voiceover tomorrow anyway…

STOP PRESS…no it’s now NOT going out on May 2…some other time say Channel Five

Europe’s Secret Armies on telly now – Voiceover

I was flicking through the channels last night and Europe’s Secret Armies is on the Discovery Civilisation Channel…

It’s a six part series all about the Resistance and Partisans in Europe during the Second World War, I narrated it, and rather good it is too (though I say so myself).

It covers Greece, Poland, Holland etc

Voiceover coming up soon on Channel 5..HOLY GRAIL and the HITTITES

two more programmes I’ve narrated for Channel 5..coming up soon

***STOP PRESS NEW DATES FOR TRANSMISSION – The Hittites will be showing on Monday 6th September at 8.00pm and Search for the Holy Grail on Wednesday 8th September at 8.00pm…CHANNEL 5….****

The Hittites…..yes it’s one of those Huge Empires You Really Should Have Heard Of… favourite bit is the fact that the Hittites worked out that Peace Treaties are more effective than invading other countries. One to watch eh George…oh and the founding father of the Hittites liked to claim he had a "new penis"…wonder what he meant by that?


The Search for the Holy Grail……look out especially for the woman who gets an intimate thrill when she handles one of the chalices…but my favourite candipubDate is the rough wooden cup with pleasing decorations in Wales. But apparently it’s not old enough. Better than the shiny gold ones though I reckon. Or did Mary Magdalen go to the south of France after the crucifixion (well, you’d need a break wouldn’t you) in order to raise Christ’s babies?

Spy Secrets on Channel 5 – Voiceover

NEW TRANSMISSION TIMES….STOP PRESS*** The first episode of Spy Secrets goes out at 8pm on Friday 27th August and then 3rd and 10th September same time ***

Look out for this three part series that I narrated for Channel 5 – It’s called Spy Secrets and it will be on in August once it’s been legalled.

Two things I particularly like. Firstly seeing the extraordinarily busy undercover work out of the UK Embassies in the Cold War. It’s a wonder they ever found time to issue visas. My dad – John Gibbon – was Military Attache to the Moscow Embassy at the time. He’s never told us what went on – perhaps that’s why he was given the MBE.

And then there’s the alleged MI6 plan to assassinate Slobodan Milosevic in a road tunnel..which looks remarkably like how Diana ended up dying. Allegedly. Oooh spooky.

Sink the Belgrano – Voiceover on Channel 4 – 5th July 2004

I narrated this documentary last night

I was very pleased with it, despite the sadness of the subject matter

The Radio Times liked it:

"this is brilliant, taut, eye-opening TV… Their reminiscences are almost poetic at times…And there are powerful images.. But overall the programme’s message is clear: any idea that because the Belgrano was outside the exclusion zone it should not have been fired on is daft. As it turned out, its sinking effectively defeated the Argentinian navy at a stroke, helping to turn a finely balanced conflict."

It was Pick of the Day/Choice in the Mirror, the Express, the Times and Sunday
Times, and the Guardian so many thanks to Jeremy Evans and everyone at Icon Films in Bristol.

Jungle trip goes to Hungary… i think

National Geographic are showing Jungle Trip again…Here’s the write up. Now can someone tell me which country this is??

60 perc
A baljós erd?

Piers Gibbon az amazóniai dzsungelbe utazik, hogy ritka növények után kutasson és els? kézb?l kapjon információkat a sámánok által kedvelt hallucinogén koktélokról. Ismerjék meg ezt a varázslatos helyet és a helyi törzsek szokásait!

“Ezt a musort már közvetítettük ebben a hónapban, és további ismétlését nem tervezzük. Keresse az ismétlést jelzo idopontokat a következo hónapok musorismertetésében.”

Voiceover on the BBC

I can currently be heard across the D-Day schedule on the BBC – either on interactive TV or on the BBC website.

I did a lot of the work in the Resolution studio in London. But given the complexity of the interactive TV menus it was inevitable that they called me the next week needing a couple of extra sentences – that’s when the studio at home is a lifesaver for clients, and me, yippee.

Many thanks to the BBC – Sally Weale, Emma McGuire, Esther Snelson, Mark Goodchild at the BBC, Andrew Leguier at Resolution