Piers Gibbon is a television host/presenter, Sony Award nominated radio host/presenter, Best Male Voiceover Vox Award Winner, experienced conference host and a member of BAFTA. 

Headshrinkers of the Amazon premiered on Channel 5 in the UK and is still on National Geographic worldwide, as is Dining With Cannibals – filmed in Papua New Guinea – and the series The Witch Doctor Will See You Now. Before all that he presented Jungle Trip on Channel 4 back in 2000 and the series Tasting History for ITV.

TV Presenter

Recent TV Presenting includes “The Witch Doctor Will See You Now”  by National Geographic… Chelsea Handler seemed to enjoy the three penis wine more than Piers did!

Other TV Host/ Presenter experiences include drinking hallucinogenic juices in Jungle Trip, eating a still-beating heart in Cameroon and sharing dinner with some hospitable cannibals in Papua New Guinea.


Piers is a full BAFTA member for his presenting and TV narration work. He has done the voiceover for around 200 hours of  programmes and documentaries for among others Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, Animal Planet, Channel 5, as well as being a familiar voice in adverts, promos, commercials and corporates.

Along with hundreds of documentaries like this one with David Attenborough, Piers has voiced for Viking River Cruises, Flora and Super Nintendo.


Piers put his experiences of this world into a book which was well received.

TRIBE: Endangered Peoples of the World is a beautifully illustrated book that celebrates human diversity, making us fall in love with the world again”Geographical Magazine