Balkan Triangle – Documentary Voiceover

Recently I have been working with Dutch Director Stef Brok to record a voiceover for his documentary Balkan Triangle.

Balkan Triangle follows three different stories of men who were vital in resisting nationalism before and during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s (which you can read more about here). The film is set in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo. The characters talk about what happened, mixed with archive footage from the 1990s, in many cases on the actual spot where it happened. Balkan Triangle highlights how their experiences contain lessons for us all on the dangers of nationalism. It all feels horribly relevant right now in these days of Brexit and Trumpism. 

The documentary was produced by Stef Brok and Janneke van Doornik and the music is by Formel. It will be doing the rounds on the film circuit really soon – I will keep you posted on where you can see the full film – it’s worth a watch.

Below is a clip from the trailer. You’ll spot my voice almost immediately!


Piers x