Hosting Tania Glyde’s book evening for “Cleaning Up”

Tania Glyde wrote “Cleaning Up” about her descent into drink and drugs..and how she got herself back on the straight and narrow You can buy it – or find out more – by clicking here To celebrate the launch into paperback she had a public session at The Big Green Bookshop The evening starts with me reading out some extracts from Tania’s can hear me flicking through the pages until the audience shout “stop”. After the readings I then spent a very happy 40 minutes taking questions from the audience for Tania to answer.  

Comedy voiceover for Radia network

Strange job from last night, broadcast across Europe as part of the Radiophonic Contaminated project… spoof of Radio 4 continuity announcers. Click HERE to listen.  

Innovative Thinking from Jonathon Porritt

Innovative thinking from Jonathon Porritt on… audiobook extract read by Piers Gibbon EDIT: Now it looks like their website has disappeared so the audio doesn’t work

Innovative thinking from Richard Wiseman

Innovative thinking from Richard Wiseman on …audiobook extract read by Piers Gibbon EDIT: Now it looks like their website has disappeared so the audio doesn’t work

Harping on a record

I got a call from the legendary record producer Trevor Horn – so of course I dropped everything, went to his studios and recorded some Jew’s Harp for a single called Sun Goes Down by David Jordan. Buy the album!  

Yoko Ono has never eaten dogmeat

As a presenter and voiceover I have broadcast some odd things over the years. RESONANCE FM – APOLOGY TO YOKO ONO I’d like to interrupt our normal broadcast to read out a formal apology to Yoko Ono for an appalling and offensive story that we broadcast last week about her. We’ll be broadcasting this apology throughout the day. On 29 May 2007 at 9pm performance artist Mark McGowan appeared on the “Make Your Own Damn Music” show. For reasons best known to himself, Mark brought what he claimed was a cooked Corgi dog into the studio and ate some of it on air. Mark claimed that Yoko Ono was in the studio with him and that Yoko also tasted some of the dog meat. When the press contacted us, we subsequently confirmed that the story about Yoko was true. I’m embarrassed to announce that the story was completely untrue. Yoko was not in the studio, and in fact was not even in London, as she was in Russia, attending the opening of her show in the Moscow Biennale. She doesn’t know Mark, didn’t eat any dog meat, and has never eaten any dog meat. What we broadcast was a gratuitous, offensive lie. On behalf of Resonance FM I want to say that we are very sincerely sorry for the offence and distress that we’ve caused to Yoko. She is a renowned supporter of the arts and music and we owed her better than to lie about her in this way.