Hot political gossip show needs intern Producer/Publicist

…do you have four or five hours a week?

This is the 30 minute live and scurrillous political gossip show that I present every Tuesday night on Resonance 104.4FM (as Westminster prepares itself for the bearpit of Prime Minister’s Questions the next day).

My regular guests are the two top political bloggers Guido Fawkes (libertarian right winger) and Recess Monkey (Labour left) who are total media tarts and excellent performers. Last week we were joined by Sian Berry – principal speaker of the Green Party – and the week before that the Tory London Mayoral candidate who wants to abolish the London Mayor.

It’s a funny and informative show – we cut through the polite BBC nonsense. We talk about the rumours and backstabbing that actually determines how our country is run. Who’s up, who’s down and who’s getting shafted.

If you only listen to the BBC you aren’t getting half the picture.

if you like the sound of it and you want something real on your CV then get in touch asap…

We need someone who can coordinate our other volunteers (professional sound engineers/editors and helpers). Someone who can help us get guests, look after them and say thanks afterwards, someone to listen live to the show in the studio (Soho) and help us write a publicity paragraph, keep in touch with the newspaper reviewers and take charge of the podcasting (we are already listed on iTunes) and keep our blog lively and help encourage listener feedback via email and our rantline 09013931044.. someone with confidence, competence and a flair for publicity. Resonance is a community station so no one gets paid…