Tribe: Endangered Peoples of the World: “a beautifully illustrated book that celebrates human diversity making us fall in love with the world again” – Geographical Magazine

Thanks to Jane Houston and Renee Godfrey who researched the book, and Leanne Bryan, editor at Octopus… and Laura Price who commissioned the book in the first place.

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Survival International
Amnesty International
Life Mosaic

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Ritual and Medicine Chapter
The meaning and function of the headshrinking practices of the Shuar tribe in Ecuador are discussed in the book. Piers Gibbon made a film about this, Headshrinkers of the Amazon made a film which was directed by Osca Humphreys. They were interviewed about the phenomenon on Radio London:

Here is a slideshow of photographs of Ecuador and the Shuar tribe: The music is a traditional Shuar dance tune, we are still trying to find out where you can buy a copy of the music!

Food and Drink Chapter
This chapter is concerned with the hunting ordeal poison of the Matses. If you’d like to see the Sapo poison of the Matses in action click here: