Programmes and documentaries I’ve narrated for Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, Animal Planet, Channel 5 etc…and some of the promos, commercials and corporates

EQUINOX Coma, Grant McKee
EQUINOX Thin Air, Dan Chambers
EQUINOX Apocalypse, Oxford Films
EQUINOX Miracle Police, Alex Marengo, Open Media
EQUINOX Secrets of the Psychics, Alex Marengo, Open Media
EQUINOX Fighting the G Force, Mark Rubens, Simon Berthon, 3bm tv
EQUINOX Russian Roulette, Dan Chambers, David Dugan, Windfall Films
Naked Planet 4 part series, Alex West, Wall to Wall including
Kilimanjaro, Daniel Percival, Wall to Wall
Niagra Falls, Tony Mitchell
Polar Bear Safari, Jeremy Evans, Icon
Search for the Sea Serpent, Jeremy Evans, Icon
Frogs The Movie, Mike Linley, Survival Anglia
The Real Stephen Hawking, Elizabeth Dobson, RDF
The Real Bionic Man, Robert Davies, James Taylor
Deluge – Alex West, Wall to Wall
The Mystery of the Lusitania – Alex West, Wall to Wall
The Real Jesus Christ, Patrick McGrady, Simon Berthon, 3bm tv
Grass Roots – Ted Oakes, Thomas Harding, Undercurrents/Small World
Glyndebourne Opera, David Jeffcock, Jo Marks, NVC Arts
Without Walls, poetry in French, LWT for Channel 4
Secrets of the Dead-2 documentary series – including –
Oboe, David Barrie, David Robertson
Phoenicians, Claudia Milne 2020tv
The Lost Vikings, Simon Welfare, Ava Lee Tanner, Peter Swain, Elgin Productions/Granite Productions
Cannibals of the Canyon, Larry Engel, Engel Brothers
Blood Red Roses, Granada
Hindenburg, Dan Clifton, 2020tv
Mission Impossible-Moon Weekend, Jeremy Evans, Icon
Battle for Midway, Jeremy Evans, Icon
Mysteries of Lost Empires, 6 part series, Jeremy Evans, Icon
Titanic Live Documentary
Shapes of the Invisible, 6 part mini series, Dan Chambers
The Rise and Rise of Viagra, Mark Rubens, September Films
Three Minutes to Impact, Charlotte Butler, York Films
Carry on Snogging, Gabrielle Osrin, YTV
To the Ends of the Earth series including
Death Deceit and The Nile, Stephen White, Sandra Leeming, Fulcrum TV
Secrets of the Deep series including
Monitor, Sally Weale
Liberty Bell, John Toba


Fund Raising Video for The Jewish Institute for the Blind
Powerscene DVD Magazine for LocoWatch Video
Films for The African Environmental Film Foundation, Simon Trevor, Tanya Trevor, Howard Marshall..including
Elephant Encyclopaedia
Wanted Dead or Alive?
Running Dry
The Great Ruaha River
Keepers of the Kingdom
Elephants of Tsavo
Tombs below Aruba
Daphne Sheldrick & the Orphans of Tsavo
River of Sand
The Rains Came
Financial Services Agency, Money Laundering Avoidance CD
The Taxman Cometh, Juniper, Charlotte More Gordon,for Inland Revenue
Central Office of Information, Radio commercial
NatWest, BBH Radio commercial
Axa, Lester Perkins, Giles Mountfield, Golden Gate
Rank Xerox, Mark Petersen, Bob Lowery
Grant Thornton, Mark Petersen
NHS Relaxation CD
NHS Agenda 21
Polymer, Blaze Productions, Steve Jones
Formula One Racing
Patricia Wrobel, Atlantic Productions
Sharon Guest, Atlantic Productions
Mehreen Saigol, 7th Art

Tasting History – six part series for ITV Anglia (presenter and narrator)
Hunters on Ice, Survival Anglia for ITV Network

Columbus:Man or Myth, Icon Films, Jeremy Evans
Hitler’s Supership, 90 min special, Tigress Productions:Stephen Phelps, Kate Parker, Jeremy Bradshaw, Olwyn Silvester, Carolyn Stopp
The Hittites..Fulcrum TV, David Oremland director, Christopher Hird aka Christo Hird Exec
In Search of the Holy Grail…Fulcrum TV, David Oremland director, Christopher Hird aka Christo Hird Exec
Spy Secrets, 3 part series, Carole Peters, Brian Lapping, Tina D’Arcy, Will Willson, Brook Lapping
Sea World 14 part series, Rupert Parker, Nicki Cheetham, Bazal
Killer Tornadoes, James Bates, Tessa Pemberton, Fulcrum TV

Earth Undercover, Jo Sawicki, Julia Webb, Jak Severson

‘Creating a School’ –
Vicky Marriott and Margaret Vrublevskis
Hope TV

D-DAY series of interactive documentaries – Sally Weale, Emma McGuire, Esther Snelson, Mark Goodchild at the BBC, Andrew Leguier at Resolution
Alan Clarks Tory Party, Stanley Baldwin, Clara Glynn, Oxford Films
A Slice of Life, newspaper extracts, Clara Glynn, Wall to Wall
Bookworm, Lewis Carroll, Daisy Goodwin
The Late Show Roly Keating, Clara Glynn, Janice Hadlow

Slightly Foxed, (x3 series), poetry and prose for Radio 4, Gareth Edwards, Ann Jobson

literary quiz show chaired by Gill Pyrah, reading an enormous variety of poems and prose for guests to guess – Woody Allen, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, T S Eliot, Dorothy Parker, Yeats, Robert Benchley, Dickens, Matthew Arnold, Betjeman, Marlowe, Tennyson, Pope, Goldsmith, Robbie Burns, Chaucer…

2 series of Mr Finchley with Richard Griffiths, Gareth Edwards

Plane Clothed Detectives, Cheese and Crackers, Andy Lawrence
Science at the Edge 3 part series, Flashback
Under the Knife, Chris Lethbridge, Principal Films
Savannah Watch
Wonders of Weather 24 part series, Stuart Carter, Pioneer
Beluga Whales, Laura Wilson
Eco Challenge 5 hour Special
Alien Abduction 3 hours,
Man Immortal
K9-5, Steve Ashby
Quest 7 part series
Death Valley
Polar Bears, John Pendle, Kip Spidell, Stephen Ellis, Ellis Vision
Big Tooth, Joe Schneider
Disasters at Sea 4 part series
Ultimate Athlete
The Real Bionic Man
Through the Octopus Eye, Steven Gauge
Storm Force series, Pippa Mackenzie
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Death Valley
River of Doubt
The Footsteps of Doctor Livingstone
The Wolfman
Skeletons in the Sand, Liz Barron
Treasure of the San Diego
Skyscraper at Sea
Elephant Enigma
Echidna Enigma
Intimate with Wales
Cool Head Cold Blood
Truth under Siege – Sarajevo
Legends of History
Alien Abduction Weekend
Man Immortal
Spirits of the Rain Forest 3 part series
Search for Atlantis, TVF, Sarah Marris, for USA Discovery

Seven Worlds of Water
Explorer 9
Brother Wolf

Napoleon 2 part series, Flashback
Spirit of St Louis – Lindbergh, Flashback
Line of Fire, 10 part series, Rachel Griffiths, Trevor Green, Audrey Healy, Cromwell

1945 : Asia Remembers the Fallen (TX: Sunday 14 Aug 2005)
a documentary on the Nanking Massacre and the controversial Yasukuni Shrine
for http://www.channelnewsasia.com in Singapore and it went out across Asia with excellent ratings!
Haryaty Abdul Rahman, Walter Fernandez, Rohana Mohd and Catherine Yap

‘Creating a School’ – Teachers TV, Vicky Marriott and Margaret Vrublevskis
Hope TV – about the new Bradley Stoke School

And loads of Radio commercials

Talk to Frank
The Home Office
Anthony Cant
Central Office of Information
Department of Transport