BBC One on Thursday nights “Run for Glory”

I have done the narration for this new series…

Run for Glory… BBC One

Thursday 2 Mar 7pm – and every Thursday same time until the Marathon…

13 people from around the country volunteer to train for the gruelling 26.2 mile London Marathon in just six months. This is a huge undertaking. Not only are they unfit, many are battling personal traumas from cancer to disabling road accidents. World class athletes Sally Gunnell and Steve Cram are their tough coaches. But will they make it?

This week…well I have the full script in front of me now – but that would be telling…

The would-be runners soon find that the Marathon is as much a mental as a physical challenge when they are confronted with a gut wrenching high ropes course. As well as getting fit, they know they need to toughen up if they want to have any chance of success.

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  1. I have recently been registered blind. I have a place in 2016 London marathon. I remember being inspired by this programme and think it’ll help me with my training. I can’t find a copy. can you help? Thanks, Pauline

    1. I’m sorry Pauline…I have looked everywhere and I do not have a copy…you could try contacting Mentorn to see if they have a copy but I wouldn’t hold your breath! REALLY GOOD LUCK cheerspiers

    2. Hi Pauline – I was one of the runners!
      I was inspired by the other people in the programme and from people we met along the way – it was quite a journey for me.
      You should be able to get a copy from Endemol who produced it – they might be able to help you.

      I hope you did well in the marathon last year and continue to run.

      My very best wishes,
      Jj (Luck)

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