British Voiceover for African Environmental Film Foundation

British Voiceover by
Many thanks to Simon Trevor
Chairman & Executive Producer The African Environmental Film Foundation

For voiceover/narration enquiries in the UK please contact Vocalpoint.
Phone +44 (0)207 4190700

Email Piers Gibbon’s voiceover agent

*** If you care about Rhinos and African wildlife please visit their website and make a donation! ****

Simon Trevor served as a Warden in the Kenya National Parks and having over 40 years experience of wildlife filming (for which he has won numerous international awards), as well as a long-standing involvement with conservation issues in Kenya and Tanzania.

In addition to numerous wildlife documentaries made for the prestigious ‘Survival Anglia’ television series, Simon’s film credits include ‘Out of Africa’, ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, ‘White Hunter, Black Heart’, and ‘The Color Purple’.

In 1998, Simon gave up commercial film-making to launch the African Environmental Film Foundation, with the aim of showing people the real story of what is happening to the wild animals and wild places of Africa, and the effect that environmental issues have on the welfare of people across the continent.

Simon’s experience of film-making and conservation work in Africa makes him the ideal person to lead AEFF’s production team.

Thanks also to Tanya Trevor Saunders & Ian Saunders
Directors Of Strategy & Operations

Tanya and Ian Saunders are executive directors overseeing the strategic and operational side of the Foundation. Between them they have spent half a century in Africa and are experienced in NGO management, private sector enterprise, wildlife management and conservation, as well as having a sound understanding of film production, distribution and marketing methods.

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