Midnight Sex Talk on Resonance 104.4FM

I joined the amazing Tania Glyde as a guest on her radio show..

this is what Tania wrote in her weblog…


This Midnight Sex Talk came together at the last minute, and a cracking one it was too. We were fortunate to have Piers Gibbon, presenter and Voiceover King doing some readings. Historic Moment: Piers’ first time saying the c-word on air!

We had an interview with Matthew Glamorre about Polari, the gay slang that grew out of C18 thieves-and-theatre culture. There is, I discovered, a Polari Bible. Shame we didn’t have time to read some of that out – it’s hilarious.

We also spoke to poet, playwright and shaman John Constable, AKA John Crow, author of The Southwark Mysteries, about Cross Bones, the ancient prostitutes graveyard in Southwark. (More on my visit below…).

And, at the 11th hour, we got Hallie Rubenhold on the phone, to talk about Harris’s List. We also had a message from Alex Fitch, our film reviewer, who only discovered recently that he’s a direct descendant of Samuel Pepys! Man, the connections were flying on Sunday.

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