Oooh “Ayahuasca Deep Fall” racing up the charts at iTunes store

I’ve mentioned before that Gaudi used my voice (presenting Jungle Trip on Channel 4), and some ayahuasca icaros from Peru, on his track “Ayahuasca Deep Fall”

it seems to be doing rather well!!

check out the iTunes store or via iTunes on your computer itself, and search for Gaudi…and soon you can download it for free!!

here’s his email….

Dear Piers, hope all’s cool with u, here things r going very well with my “Bass, Sweat & Tears album; it entered ITUNES chart, Europe no.2 and USA no.32 (check attachments). I wanna communicate a good news about the track where u r featured; AYAHUASCA DEEP FALL has been chosen by ITUNES to became “single of the week” from the 31st of May. This means that the track will be available for free download for that week , a major publicity and exposure worldwide! – Check here below what they wrote:

…..”we love the track Ayahuasca Deep Fall by Gaudi, and we’d like to feature it as single of the week . Single Of The Week (SOTW) is one of the biggest promotions on iTunes and it runs weekly on the UK and FR stores.

It works as follows:

* The track would be made available for free download, other tracks on the album/EP would continue to cost 79p as normal (99c in FR).
* SOTW receives Main page and Genre page coverage, features in the newsletter, and anyone who installs an iPod/iTunes that week will be offered the track.
* Where possible we’ll continue to feature SOTW artists on their future releases so we plan to continue support for the band.

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