TV Presenter: Headshrinkers of the Amazon

Headshrinkers of the Amazon is out on National Geographic Channel worldwide.

Directed by Osca Humphreys and presented Piers Gibbon, it is all about the Shuar people of Ecuador. The story is kickstarted by the discovery of some footage shot by an explorer in the 1960’s – which looks like it shows the only known footage of a genuine headshrinking ceremony, with a real human head being shrunk to the size of an orange.

On the way to find out what is really going on in the footage Piers meet the President of the Shuar, a battalion of jungle fighting specialists, a Catholic missionary who campaigns against headshrinking by converting the Shuar to Christianity, oh and a member of a lynch mob who is happy to talk about the day they dragged someone off into the jungle and “turned him into powder”…

Thanks to everyone at Diverse TV and of course the Shuar for all their hospitality.

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