Voiceover coming up soon on Channel 5..HOLY GRAIL and the HITTITES

two more programmes I’ve narrated for Channel 5..coming up soon

***STOP PRESS NEW DATES FOR TRANSMISSION – The Hittites will be showing on Monday 6th September at 8.00pm and Search for the Holy Grail on Wednesday 8th September at 8.00pm…CHANNEL 5….****

The Hittites…..yes it’s one of those Huge Empires You Really Should Have Heard Of…..my favourite bit is the fact that the Hittites worked out that Peace Treaties are more effective than invading other countries. One to watch eh George…oh and the founding father of the Hittites liked to claim he had a "new penis"…wonder what he meant by that?


The Search for the Holy Grail……look out especially for the woman who gets an intimate thrill when she handles one of the chalices…but my favourite candipubDate is the rough wooden cup with pleasing decorations in Wales. But apparently it’s not old enough. Better than the shiny gold ones though I reckon. Or did Mary Magdalen go to the south of France after the crucifixion (well, you’d need a break wouldn’t you) in order to raise Christ’s babies?

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