Voiceover: UNESCO World Heritage Museum at Schokland

Just recorded the voiceover for the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site in Holland. All recordings done in my own studio – they will guide the listener through the history of Schokland and have a listen to me wrestling with Dutch pronounciations in the bit of the video involving the Dutch Resistance hiding out in the Polders…

Jew’s Harp and Hurdy Gurdy Loop

Jess the Hurdy….and me I just love the drone you get from a hurdy gurdy… we recorded and sang directly into my Boss RC20XL Loopstation… then fiddled in Protools – putting just a bit of Cathedral reverb in there edited to add: I’ve had some lovely emails about this..thank you!

Voiceover CV Resume

VOICEOVER and NARRATION resume – CV Programmes and documentaries I’ve narrated for Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, Animal Planet, Channel 5 etc…and some of the promos, commercials and corporates CHANNEL 4 Persia – Icon Films, Jeremy Evans Equinox Coma, Grant McKee Equinox Thin Air, Dan Chambers Equinox Apocalypse, Oxford Films Equinox Miracle Police, Alex Marengo, Open Media Equinox Secrets of the Psychics, Alex Marengo, Open Media Equinox Fighting the G Force, Mark Rubens, Simon Berthon, 3bm tv Equinox Russian Roulette, Dan Chambers, David Dugan, Windfall Films Naked Planet 4 part series, Alex West, Wall to Wall including Kilimanjaro, Daniel Percival, Wall to Wall Niagra Falls, Tony Mitchell Polar Bear Safari, Jeremy Evans, Icon Search for the Sea Serpent, Jeremy Evans, Icon Frogs The Movie, Mike Linley, Survival Anglia The Real Stephen Hawking, Elizabeth Dobson, RDF The Real Bionic Man, Robert Davies, James Taylor Deluge – Alex West, Wall to Wall The Mystery of the Lusitania – Alex West, Wall to Wall The Real Jesus Christ, Patrick McGrady, Simon Berthon, 3bm tv Grass Roots – Ted Oakes, Thomas Harding, Undercurrents/Small World Glyndebourne Opera, David Jeffcock, Jo Marks, NVC Arts Without Walls, poetry in French, LWT for Channel 4 Secrets of the Dead·2 documentary series – including – Oboe, David Barrie, David Robertson Phoenicians, Claudia Milne 2020tv The Lost Vikings, Simon Welfare, Ava Lee Tanner, Peter Swain, Elgin Productions/Granite Productions Cannibals of the Canyon, Larry Engel, Engel Brothers Blood Red Roses, Granada Hindenburg, Dan Clifton, 2020tv Mission Impossible·Moon Weekend, Jeremy Evans, Icon Battle for Midway, Jeremy Evans, Icon Mysteries of Lost Empires, 6 part series, Jeremy Evans, Icon Titanic Live Documentary Shapes of the Invisible, 6 part mini series, Dan Chambers The Rise and Rise of Viagra, Mark Rubens, September Films Three Minutes to Impact, Charlotte Butler, York Films Carry on Snogging, Gabrielle …

Voiceover: just recorded Run for Glory BBC1 episode 4

BBC 1: Thursday, March 23 2006 (19:00 – 19:30) Thu 23 Mar, 19:00 – 19:30 30 mins It’s crunch time for the would-be marathon runners. Some of them are falling too far behind in their training and Steve Cram and Sally Gunnell are forced to take drastic action. Injuires and illness begin to take their toll as this month the group must turn into true endurance athletes. Meanwhile party girl JJ has to confront the realities of her family’s medical history, and disaster strikes the two eldest members of the team.


BBC One on Thursday nights “Run for Glory”

I have done the narration for this new series… Run for Glory… BBC One Thursday 2 Mar 7pm – and every Thursday same time until the Marathon… 13 people from around the country volunteer to train for the gruelling 26.2 mile London Marathon in just six months. This is a huge undertaking. Not only are they unfit, many are battling personal traumas from cancer to disabling road accidents. World class athletes Sally Gunnell and Steve Cram are their tough coaches. But will they make it? This week…well I have the full script in front of me now – but that would be telling… The would-be runners soon find that the Marathon is as much a mental as a physical challenge when they are confronted with a gut wrenching high ropes course. As well as getting fit, they know they need to toughen up if they want to have any chance of success.

Jungle Trip en Francais

I gave a talk in French about a TV programme I presented on Channel Four. Olivier (who you can hear introducing me) baby is called Achilles – cool huh

BBC Augmented Reality Voiceover

here’s a new one..I did a voiceover for Anne Fairbrother, Marc Goodchild and Michael Danks at the BBC for an exhibition at the Birmingham Museum this is the first time I have ever been the voice of augmented reality.. basically this means that a television system recreates one of the museum artefacts in 3D for you to play with. It’s a 3500 year old canopic jar (thats the one that holds your bits while you zoom into the afterlife) and the visitor can handle it without damaging the original piece. Oh and the AR feature also allows you to see inside the jar…mmm tasty.

Voice of War by Guy Walters…”Him or Me” – audiobook

“Mad Mike” Calvert was one of the most colourful characters thrown into prominence by the Second World War. He had a flair for analysing the unfamiliar and for devising counter-measures. His name will always be linked with the long-range Chindit expeditions into Japanese-occupied Burma led by General Orde Wingate. During one such expedition Calvert took a dip in the Chindwin, only to find that an enemy officer had decided to do exactly the same thing. Piers Gibbon read Calvert’s account of what happened next…

Persia: The First Civilisation on Channel 4

Just finished recording the narration for this documentary. It’s all about how grave-robbing and picking up glinty things in the mud led to a rewriting of the history books.