New Videos up on Presenter Page

I’ve now upgraded all the videos on the presenter page – extended them, made them better quality, and even added new bits too have a look here… hmmm but what format is most universal nowadays? dot mov or dot mp4?? let me know which you prefer as there’s more to come…

New Voiceover file – watch Spy Secrets video

Thanks for the people who wrote asking for this – You can now watch an extract of Spy Secrets – made by the team at Brook Lapping: Carole Peters, Brian Lapping, Will Willson, Tina D’Arcy It’s a fascinating series – everybody pops up: SIS, Baroness Park, MI5, MI6, Mark Birdsall, was Princess Diana assassinated using the same plan as one hatched for Slobodan Milosevic…oooh all sorts of stuff

Engelhard Ltd

Just done some voiceover work for Englehard Ltd….and I really like what they do: so get recycling those old computers folks! (especially the Windows ones 😉 many thanks to Gary at Check out excellent site here… Engelhard disposes of unwanted computers and other scrap electronic equipment in line with the latest EU legislation. It runs a nationwide collection service for electronic equipment and printed circuit boards, plus a secure destruction service for hard disks and other storage media. It recycles all materials including plastics, base metals, glass and precious metals, helping to reduce damage caused by mining, use of landfill space and pollution.

Teachers TV – 3rd JAN 2006

I did the narration for a lovely documentary ‘Creating a School’ – it’s all about building a school from scratch in Bristol – it goes out on Teachers’ Tv on 3rd Jan at 12.30pm. It will be repeated sometime as well. It was produced by Vicky Marriott and Margaret Vrublevskis Hope TV productions Fourth Floor, Television Centre Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3HG And good luck to the new school too – Bradley Stoke School “It’s April and the first Secondary School in Bradley Stoke is well underway. Residents of this new town, north of Bristol, have waited nearly twenty years for the community’s first secondary school. When complete it will house nearly a thousand pupils”

1945 : Asia Remembers the Fallen (TX: Sunday 14 Aug 2005)

In my new London studio I recorded the narration for a documentary on the Nanking Massacre and the controversial Yasukuni Shrine It was for Channel News Asia in Singapore and it went out across Asia with excellent ratings! many thanks to Haryaty Abdul Rahman, Walter Fernandez, Rohana Mohd and Catherine Yap

Christopher Columbus on Channel Five

A programme I narrated is on soon. I’m rather proud of this one, Jeremy Evans has done a fantastic job on it for Icon Films and C5 Columbus: Myth Or Man? 8pm – Tuesday 28th June – Channel 5 Using new DNA evidence, linguistic analysis and psychological profiling to test the identity of Christopher Columbus – was he lying to his son, or himself? – Watch out especially for the defleshing sequence in the medieval mortuary!

The Battle For Hitler’s Supership – voiceover on five

my C5 doco is on next Monday 6th June 8pm..yippee! The Battle For Hitler’s Supership Monday 6th June 8pm on Channel Five The Allies’ plan to destroy the Tirpitz, the WWII German warship known to Winston Churchill as ‘The Beast’. Manned torpedoes, magnetic mines, midget submarines, and the biggest and most technologically advanced conventional bomb ever built, were all used in the heroic struggle to sink her. Featuring the raid which Churchill called ‘the most daring in the entire history of the Royal Navy’. Channel 5

Midnight Sex Talk on Resonance 104.4FM

I joined the amazing Tania Glyde as a guest on her radio show.. this is what Tania wrote in her weblog… DIRTY OLD TOWN ROUNDUP This Midnight Sex Talk came together at the last minute, and a cracking one it was too. We were fortunate to have Piers Gibbon, presenter and Voiceover King doing some readings. Historic Moment: Piers’ first time saying the c-word on air! We had an interview with Matthew Glamorre about Polari, the gay slang that grew out of C18 thieves-and-theatre culture. There is, I discovered, a Polari Bible. Shame we didn’t have time to read some of that out – it’s hilarious. We also spoke to poet, playwright and shaman John Constable, AKA John Crow, author of The Southwark Mysteries, about Cross Bones, the ancient prostitutes graveyard in Southwark. (More on my visit below…). And, at the 11th hour, we got Hallie Rubenhold on the phone, to talk about Harris’s List. We also had a message from Alex Fitch, our film reviewer, who only discovered recently that he’s a direct descendant of Samuel Pepys! Man, the connections were flying on Sunday.